ALFRA 31003-002 Spare Battery for HIWIN Actuator System ONLY

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12.00 LBS
$8.50 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Lead Time:
Typically 1-3 day turnaround
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ALFRA 31003-002 Spare Battery for HIWIN Actuator System ONLY (31003-002)


ALFRA 31003-002 Spare Battery for HIWIN Actuator System ONLY

 **WILL NOT FUNCTION WITH NEW AMTE-300 and AMTE-400 DESIGN - i.e. purchases past January of 2020**

 CORE CHARGE/BATTERY REFURBISHMENT AVAILABLE - Batteries shipped back to Alfra Tools can be refurbished for a 40% discount. Please contact for more info, a coupon code will be provided upon receipt of your old battery. 

 Charging Instructions:

- The battery will charge when connected to the main control unit, or via our external battery charger(sold separately), the table will not operate during charging. 
- Connect the charger to the 100-240VAC power source.
- Ensure the battery remains in upright vertical orientation while charging. 

Initial/Idle Battery Charge Cycle


- Perform an initial 8-12 hour cycle to fully charge the battery for rst time use.
- Repeat the cycle after each extended idle period of more than 90 days. 

Battery Maintenance

- Batteries should be stored at room temperature (app. 25°C or 77°F).
- Even if stored at room temperature, batteries need to be charged once every 3 months. Each additional 10°C increase in temperature will double the rate at which the battery discharges. Therefore, the battery will have to be charged twice as often for each 10°C increase in temperature above 25°C or 77°F.
- Sealed lead acid batteries will deteriorate over time in storage, even if kept fully charged. It is important to use each battery as frequently as possible.
- Charge the batteries as soon as possible after they have been depleted. A low battery charge alarm will sound, indicating the battery needs to be charged immediately.
- Failure to comply will reduce life span and total charge capacity of the batteries.

**Please conform to local regulations when disposing of old batteries!**