ALFRA 31013-007 Panel stop - Price Per Each

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10.00 LBS
$8.50 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
AMTE 300, AMTE 400

ALFRA 31013-007 Felt Lined Panel Stop

Product Part Number: 31013-007 (generally purchased in pairs)
Compatibility: AMTE 300 and AMTE 400

Alfra Assembly Table Panel Stops create a 7" felt lined ledge for panels as well as deeper enclosures to rest upon for vertical work performed with either the AMTE-500 or AMTE-300 Assembly Tables. The felt lining for these panel stops prevent scratching or scuffing on expensive stainless steel enclosures. When paired with the 31003-011 Panel Stops, even the largest of enclosures can be safely secured for quick and efficient assembly. 

Combines well with: 31003-011 Suspension Straps

*Quantity: One Panel Stop - Recommended to buy two for a pair.